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Comprehensive Platform for PV & Battery Systems

Whitelabel portal for monitoring and control of solar installations, battery systems, and energy meters.

Completely brand independent

+180 integrations

With Eniris Battery & Solar Monitoring Battery and Solar Monitoring, you have a comprehensive portal for monitoring and controlling solar installations, battery systems, and energy meters.

With over 100 integrations, Eniris Insights represents brand-independent monitoring.Inverters from SMA, Fronius, Solar Edge, Huawei, Enphase, Delta, GoodWe, and many others can be connected to the platform, and this without additional hardware. such as loggers (e.g., Solar Log or inverter-specific loggers). We use the APIs of the underlying platforms for this.

In addition to the visualization and storage of measurement data, technical, maintenance, and financial analyses are also possible with this platform.


One central platform

From the smallest residential installation to the largest solar parks.

At a glance

Insight into the key performance of all your solar installations & battery systems.

  • Performance ratio (PR), Yield, Uptime / downtime
  • Number of inverters / Strings / Active optimizers / Defect / Offline
  • Energy: consumption, production, normalized, simulation
  • Curtailment
  • Irradiation
  • Theoretical yield
  • Voltage: Current per string

Effortlessly manage thousands of residential installations, even when various inverter brands are involved, just like many other O&M companies have already done

Deliver a professional business dashboard for companies where they can view their individual or multiple installations. Seamlessly integrate with metering data or display other assets such as batteries and charging infrastructure.

Brand integrations
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Connected capacity
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Alarm management & ticketing

Via email, SMS, PDF

Manufacturer alarms & Custom alarms

Set your own alarm thresholds independently of the underlying control systems.

  • Comprehensive registration and processing.
  • Assigning various priorities.
  • Forwarding alarms by email or SMS (option).
  • Integration with your ERP system / digital work orders.
  • Ticketing

An alarm report is an essential tool in managing your systems.

The report operates based on predefined thresholds for connectivity, PR, yield, and energy production. 

Receiving real-time alerts for deviations in PR and yield is essential for a quick response. 

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Automatic reports

For your customer or your organization

Daily report, quarterly report, annual report

Various reports are available to be automatically generated at the plant or portfolio level.

  • Consumption report
  • Production report
  • Financial reporting
  • Internal or external report
  • Group reporting (combination of different installations)

With numerous options, you can customize various aspects of your report, such as chart types, data types, style, and formatting (including your own logo, cover page, footer, and intermediate text), as well as bundling data from multiple installations.

Make it easy for yourself with group reporting: save time and effort by no longer having to manually create individual reports for hundreds of installations. Opt for group reports with an automatic sending function.


Indispensable analyses

Whether it is a short visual check or a detailed comparison, Eniris Solar provides you with the helpful tools.

  • Compare sensors, energy meters, inverters, strings, ...
  • Various visualizations (heatmap, pie charts, bar charts...).


Weather data

Access to current temperature data, irradiance data, and production forecasts.

  • For an accurate calculation of the performance ratio (PR)
  • Consumption forecasts based on temperature forecasts


Your customer portal

Sustainable customer engagement through a professional portal with your logo.

  • Simple user management
  • Multi level user management
  • Client records
  • Access to various measuring systems from one portal 
  • Access to all consumption reports or financial analyses 


Personalized dashboard

The platform fully according to your corporate identity and part of your ecosystem.

  • Your own logos
  • Accessible via your URL
  • Color scheme according to your corporate identity


Narrowcasting - A public screen

Infographics make production figures visually accessible on the big screen. They display real-time performance regarding:

  • CO2 reduction
  • Cost-saving measures
  • Current production

Hardware for monitoring & control

Smartgrid One

If inverters do not have an online platform or data export functionality, data can be read via Modbus using Smartgrid One. This allows you to have online monitoring for brands that do not offer cloud support anymore.

In addition, the controller also functions as an Energy Management System that can connect to price markets (day ahead and imbalance).

Curtailment for residential and large-scale installations.

What is Curtailment?

Curtailment is about balancing energy supply and demand. During periods of excessive solar or wind energy production, where supply exceeds demand, the energy grid can become unbalanced, resulting in negative energy prices and costs for returning excess energy. To prevent this, producers of green energy, such as wind turbines and solar farms, can temporarily reduce their production.

Eniris' role

Eniris is a pioneer in the application of curtailment. We predict the real-time energy production of producers and, if necessary, apply curtailment to avoid energy feed-in. 

Eniris developed two products for this purpose Eniris Remote Curtailment and Smartgrid One.

With Eniris Remote Curtailment, you can curtail your installation without hardware, and with Smartgrid One, you have a device that can also read energy meters and control other energy technologies.


The Smartgrid Controller is equipped with a connection to Edmij, allowing the controller to sell the energy you produce on the EPEX day-ahead market. It also handles the settlement of your personal imbalance.

Yuso Certified

Eniris went through the certification process with Yuso to control battery systems and photovoltaic (PV) inverters. The controller responds to a signal from Yuso, based on the imbalance price.

Day Ahead

In addition to collaboration with aggregators, the Smartgrid Controller can also directly respond based on the day-ahead market. For this purpose, we integrate with the EPEX spot market, which displays energy prices for various European countries.

Practical examples

Floating Solar

Floating Solar specializes in providing floating solar parks and optimizing the positioning of their solar islands to maximize energy yield. For the integrated management of inverters, such as those from SMA, and data loggers like Solar Log, Floating Solar has chosen Eniris' Solar & Battery monitoring solutions.
Furthermore, they have implemented Eniris' alarm system for essential monitoring of the orientation of the solar islands.

Solar Assistance

Solar Assistance provides a 24/7 monitoring service for residential and commercial solar energy installations, including compensation for production losses due to malfunctions. To achieve this, Solar Assistance has set up a critical monitoring infrastructure in collaboration with Eniris. Their customers have access to a dedicated portal and receive automatic reports on the performance of their installations.


Opteco has established a partnership with Eniris to monitor their home batteries and integrate them into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) system. The data is processed and analyzed by Eniris on a second-by-second basis, enabling precise and real-time insights.


In 2019, Eniris set up a partnership with Beauvent, a cooperative company in renewable energy. This collaboration has led to the further development of an advanced monitoring portal in the field of reporting for Beauvent's solar energy installations

The Shoemaker's Group

DSG is one of the market leaders in sustainable energy solutions, specifically aimed at the large business market. Their expertise in solar projects is further strengthened by the collaboration with Eniris. Eniris provides crucial services for DSG by not only monitoring their solar energy assets but also by managing the connection to the EPEX SPOT market and the imbalance market.


Eniris has branded the SmartGrid for Eco-Tronic under the name 'Slimmie'. This innovative controller plays a crucial role in the management of various inverters and battery systems, and integrates them seamlessly with dynamic energy prices.



Linking data

Get started quickly with minimal input. We only require a guest account from the portals of the inverters you want to monitor, connected via API or FTP.


Setting up the dashboard.

Installations are automatically added to the portal during data capture. 


Alerting & Reporting

Eniris Solar monitors your installations.



Insights 3 is a software framework developed for and by Eniris. It is the result of years of research, innovation, and development and it forms the core of our commitment to improving energy management and sustainability.

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