Energy Management & Monitoring

Eniris offers hardware and software solutions for monitoring and controlling buildings and installations, tailored to energy prices, load balancing, and peak shaving.

Completely brand independent

+180 integrations

In every installation, there are techniques from different brands and ages. Eniris handles a wide range of protocols and interfaces for charging stations, inverters, energy meters, heat pumps, building management systems, ...

Global solutions

Management systems for PV, batteries, charging stations, heat pumps

Discover the stories of installers with an overarching platform for the management and maintenance of installations or a personalized customer dashboard.


Protocols and brands
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Commercial and industrial installations
Residential installations

Virtual Powerplant

Virtual Powerplant

Without you knowing it, your current customers already have an API interface today, which can be controlled from the cloud with the cloud version of our Smartgrid controller.

This offers you the opportunity to offer additional services in the short term, such as participating in the 'day-ahead' market or connecting to a VPP (virtual power plant) to access the imbalance market.

Events, lectures & exhibitions


Solar Solutions 2024 (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

19 - 20 - 21 March (Expo Greater Amsterdam)

Keynote: Utility Scale Solar

30 April 14:30 - 15:00

InterSolar 2024 (Munich, Germany)

19 - 20 - 21 June (Messe München)

Projects and use cases


News, events, fairs, articles, and more


Sebastiaan - Stagiair Marketing

Nog een stagiair om marketingsgewijs Eniris de lucht in te gooien!

Stijn - Stagiair Marketing

Stijn zal vanaf heden het marketing team ondersteunen binnen Eniris.

Jordy - Graduaat Programmeren

Sinds kort is Jordy als stagiair werkzaam bij Eniris, welkom!

Energy Management for Residential Users (HEMS)

Discover our latest insights in the field of Energy Management for charging infrastructure, heat pumps, and inverters.

Matthijs - Junior Developer

Meet Matthijs, recent graduate and junior developer at Eniris."

Sebbe - Energy Management Student

Sebbe is building his thesis on the innovative concept of 'Energy Sharing.' This led him to Eniris, where theoretical and practical knowledge come together.

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